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Scott Scheynost Head ShotScott F. Scheynost of Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C. provides will and testament and probate-related legal services for Southwest Louisville including Shively, Pleasure Ridge Park or PRP, Valley Station and Fairdale.

As an experienced will and probate attorney my law office will help you to organize and complete important personal documents such as a will or advance healthcare directives including a Living Will Declaration (LWD), Power of Attorney (POA), or a durable POA for healthcare decisions.

We also provide advice and representation to executors and personal representatives who need to take a will or estate through Louisville’s Probate Court.

If you need help creating important legal documents such as your will or advance directives or an experienced attorney for your probate matter we invite you to contact Scott Scheynost or call (502) 937-5287 today to learn more.

Wills and Healthcare Directives

Living Will and Healthcare Directives Louisville KentuckyLiving wills and advance healthcare directives are important legal documents which provide instructions to doctors, hospitals and medical professionals when you are not able to do so in the moment.

The State of Kentucky has specific laws which govern the way a Living Will Document (LWD), Power of Attorney (POA), or a durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions must be crafted to protect you as a patient and your wishes regarding treatment and life saving measures.

Scheynost Law works with our clients to make sure your documents capture your wishes and ensure they will be carried out when you are unable to speak for yourself.

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Experienced help for your Will, POA,
Advance Healthcare Directives or Probate services

I help those in Southwestern Louisville who need a will or important documents
such as a POA or LWD and guide estates through the Local Probate Court.

About Scott Scheynost

“I have over 25 years of experience crafting enforceable wills, healthcare directives and POAs.  I have represented many executors and helped countless estates to move through the process of probate here in Louisville.  This helps to provide peace of mind for my clients.”


Experienced and Proven Louisville Probate AttorneyProbate is the process to transfer the title of all assets, pay all debts and distribute inheritances to heirs and beneficiaries after a person passes here in Kentucky.

Executors and personal representatives have an important duty to an estate in Kentucky known as a “fiduciary duty,” (the obligation to act in the best interests of the estate).  Most executors and personal representatives were honored to be asked to serve but are not aware of the legal and financial risks and responsibilities of the position.

Scheynost Law represents individuals, executors, personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries in Kentucky probate actions.  It is important to work with experienced, proven Louisville probate attorney Scott Scheynost to protect your interests and ensure your case moves smoothly and efficiently through the complex process of probate.

Will Packages Starting at $250

Wills and Probate Attorney Serving Southwest Louisville Kentucky

Do you need a will?  Your “Last Will and Testament” is simply a legal document which allows you state what is to happen with your possessions and the rest of your estate after you pass away.

When someone passes without a will all decisions regarding their property, debts and assets are left up to the Louisville Probate Court based upon Kentucky law.  A total stranger will make important decisions regarding your belongings.  In addition, those who pass without a will leave behind a lot of work to be done making things much more difficult for the loved ones who survive them.

We provide basic will packages beginning at $250.  It won’t cost you a lot to choose a person you trust to manage things and ensure your intentions are fulfilled. The package includes a Simple Will, General and Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will Directive.

We generally consider a Simple Will to be when you leave your assets to your spouse, and if your spouse dies first then to your children in equal shares. Wills with any specific bequests or other features are available at increased prices, which depend on their complexity and preparation time.

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