Will Packages for Louisville Kentucky

Experienced Southwest Louisville Will and Probate Lawyer

Scott Scheynost Head ShotMy name is Scott Scheynost and I have served the people of Southwestern Louisville including but not limited to Shively, Pleasure Ridge Park or PRP, Valley Station and Fairdale from my Dixie Highway offices for more than 25 years.  My law firm will help you to capture your wishes in a simple will or Last Will and Testament for as little as our $250 basic will package.  The reason for a will is to allow you to say how you would like for your property and assets to be distributed when you pass.  The very nature of a “will” is to express your own wishes, your own choices so that the State of Kentucky isn’t left to simply make decisions for you after you’re gone.

The State of Kentucky has laws which allow our Courts to decide how the estates of those without a will are to be divided.  Without a will your family, heirs and beneficiaries will have a much harder time making sure your wishes are followed.  Most people don’t want to unnecessarily burden their loved ones and friends.  Establishing a basic will and leaving instructions makes sure things are done they way you want while making it clear and easy for the State of Kentucky Probate Court to quickly and efficiently divide and distribute your Estate.

It’s Not Just the Wealthy Who Need a Will

Living Will and Trust Attorney LouisvilleMany people think “It’s just the wealthy who need a will.”  I understand the very human resistance to talking about these things.  Who wants to discuss their own departure from this beautiful area?  If you don’t take a few moments to make sure your wishes are crafted into an enforceable simple will the State of Kentucky will make those decisions for you after you pass.  That’s not right.

You deserve to be able to say what happens to all of the things you’ve worked so hard to earn.  There are many things in your home and life which are precious to you.  Make sure these personal and valuable items are given to the loved one(s) or person(s) who you feel needs and will benefit from having them most.  Everyone needs a will.  I work to make the process as easy as possible for you while allowing you to legally express your wishes.

Simple Will Package – $250.00

We offer a flat-fee Simple Will Package for $250.00. This package is great for individuals that just want to leave their estate to their spouse and children.

What Do You Get in the $250 Will Package?

The package includes a Simple Will, General and Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will Directive. We generally consider a Simple Will to be when you leave your assets to your spouse, and if your spouse dies first then to your children in equal shares. Wills with any specific bequests or other features are available at increased prices, which depend on their complexity and preparation time.

How Do I Start the Process?

For the low Simple Will Package price, we ask you to complete a questionnaire and return it to our office before we have any meeting. We draft the will and other documents from your answers to the questionnaire. At the will package price, the only meeting we have is when we execute the documents.

We will review your questionnaire to determine if a simple will is appropriate. If it is, we will draft the documents and send them to you. If you are happy with the drafts, we will schedule a meeting to execute them. If you are not happy with the drafts, you owe us nothing. In most cases, you don’t have to make a trip to our office until you ae ready to sign the documents.

How Do I Get the Will Questionnaire?

Call us or send us an email. We will send you the questionnaire by the method you want. We can send this questionnaire to you by mail, fax, email or you can pick it up at our office.

What If I Want to Meet In Person Prior To Drafting My Will?

We are happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs in greater detail prior to drafting the documents. The normal charge for such meetings is $175 per hour, one hour minimum, payable at the meeting.

How Long Does The Process Take?

It normally takes two to three weeks after we receive the questionnaire to get the drafts to you and schedule a meeting to execute them.

What Are These Documents For?

The simple will makes sure your property goes to your spouse. Without a Will, under Kentucky law, property owned only by you passes to your children, not your spouse. A Will preserves your stated intentions and makes it easier for your estate to be settled. It can also save your estate money.

A Power of Attorney is an important document that can help you while alive. It names a person to sign important documents and take care of business on your behalf. That person can write checks to pay your mortgage, buy/sell property on your behalf, and act as your “agent” in important situations.

A Living Will Directive takes the pressure off of your spouse and children. If you’re seriously injured, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to express your wishes for healthcare and end-of-life decisions, a Living Will Directive ensures that your intentions are known and followed by the medical staff and others involved in your care. These are some of the most difficult decisions your family will ever have to make regarding you and your care. Having a Living Will Directive ensures that the proper decisions can be made, according to your intentions. It can relieve your family and others from having to guess at what you would have wanted. It can also help to avoid heart-wrenching family arguments about your care.

Many of our clients have never thought about getting a will, until now. That’s okay. Now’s the time to go ahead and get these documents prepared. You want to be certain that your family, heirs and caretakers have the legal authority to make important decisions, on your behalf, to ensure you get the proper care you’ll need, should your injuries be catastrophic or life-threatening.

If we determine a simple will not meet your needs, we will discuss other options and their costs. We will not charge you anything until we both agree on the costs.

NOTE: We reserve the right to solely make the decision whether you have requested a simple will and what is a reasonable fee for our work. We will never charge a fee unless we both agree to the fee. This package is not available for home or hospital visits, or any other reason that would require travel from our office. The package is only available when you complete a will package questionnaire.

An Experienced Local Attorney Will Draft Your Kentucky Will for a Flat Fee as Low as $250

Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C. offers a flat fee $250 Basic Will Package to draft and execute a simple Kentucky will which will work for many Southwestern Louisville residents.  I invite you to contact my office with any questions or call to speak with me personally at (502) 937-5287.