Probate in Southwest Louisville

Experienced Southwest Louisville Probate Attorney Scott Scheynost

Louisville Probate AttorneyEach year, Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C. handles cases that involve probate administration. In the firm’s 25+ years of experience, we have handled scores of southwestern Louisville and Kentucky probate matters.

Probate is the legal process by which the assets of an estate are properly distributed and all debts and obligations of the estate are settled. This can be a lengthy and complicated process that involves the admission of the decedent’s will and the process leading up to the distribution of the decedent’s assets.. Our skilled probate administration attorney will guide you through the process and minimize the stress and difficulty of finishing the estate.

For general information regarding probate and estate administration, we invite you to contact Scott Scheynost or call (502) 937-5287.

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Providing Focused, One-on one Service

Scott Scheynost Head ShotWhen probating an estate in Kentucky, you not only want an attorney who has experience in all Kentucky estate procedures. You also want a lawyer and who can work closely with you to achieve the result you are seeking. Working in a comfortable, family-oriented atmosphere, the Scott Scheynost can handle any issue and answer your questions in a confidential, private and friendly working relationship.

If you are serving as an executor or personal representative in probate you may be held to high standards under Kentucky Laws known as “Fiduciary Duties.”  You are entitled to seek legal advice for the estate and the cost of our services are provided for under most estate plans and Kentucky law.

There are many complex legal issues that can come up during probate administration, including incomplete, unsigned, or unexecuted wills, Kentucky executor fee disputes, estate tax matters, and issues regarding the distribution of the deceased’s retirement account, pension, 401(k), or other non-probate assets. I understand that these issues can be very personal in nature and strive to provide you with focused, personal service to achieve all of your goals.

Are you looking for  important forms from the State of Kentucky and internal forms from Scheynost Law offices, P.S.C.?  Visit our Forms page.

If you are interested in proceeding with an estate plan, trust, will, living will, deed or power of attorney, please contact Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C. or call to speak with me directly at (502) 937-5287.